Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips


What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, which is a search engine optimization in Turkish, is to adapt to the algorithms that provide ranking sites in search engine results. Websites that do not comply with SEO cannot rank high in search results. All search engines, especially Google, expect their websites to be SEO compliant. In SEO, what Google says is more important than what people say. There is no place for individuality in SEO. Make your website a platform where the user can find what they are looking for. Google’s business philosophy is not that a business is very good, it is finished. Advance your SEO projects with this in mind. SEO expertise is a time-consuming task.

How To Make SEO?

Turkey’s widest and latest free online SEO training. In education, you will be able to learn advanced SEO starting from scratch. By the end of the training, you will be able to manage SEO on a professional level. You no longer need to go to SEO Courses. With online lessons, you can improve yourself on this. Note: Release date and update date are different. This guide, published on 3rd party sites as PDF Training Kit, is constantly updated and the most current version is only available on this page. Updated on October 16, 2018 Warning: Do not build sites built for search engines. Google will understand this soon. If you’re going to be an SEO Expert, you’re not going to be an advertising engineer. With various analysis methods, you will be responsible for the optimization of the site. A good SEO Expert must master web technologies and trends. Google Analytics should be familiar with authoritative SEO tools and HTML in the industry.

Search Engines

The common feature of search engines, in general, is to rank the content on the internet. Search Engine, in other words, Search Engine, basically crawls web sites with robot software to include in its index. When it searches users, it extracts this data in front of them. Search engines work with algorithms. The first search engine Archie founded in 1990. It was working with file transfer protocol logic. In 1993, the first internet boat named Wandex was produced. This bot is the ancestor of Google’s current bots. After a short time; Search engines such as Magellan, Excite, Infoseek, Inktomi, Northern Light and AltaVista are released. One of the most popular search engines at that time was Yahoo.

Google Organization

By 1998 (September 4, 1998, Menlo Park, California, USA) Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google. For searches with traditional search engines; The number of times the search terms appeared on the page was rationalized, but Google put forward two more systemic theories of analysis of inter-site relationships. This new technology was called PageRank. sites were ranked according to interest shown.

The Power of Google

Today, Google owns 41 of the world’s 50 largest search engines, rather than being the largest search engine in the world. It also owns 18 of the top 50 sites that receive the most visitors worldwide. For example, is the first with 1 billion 386 million unique visitors daily, is the second with 748 million unique visitors daily, is the thirteenth with 110 million unique visitors, 106 million unique traffic daily With the fourteenth, is the eighteenth website that receives the most traffic in the world with 80 million unique hits daily.


It is the second-largest search engine in the world after Google. Since everyone knows YouTube, there’s no need to list its features. YouTube


My favourite search engine. For every search, you plant trees in various parts of the world on your behalf. Ecosia, a Berlin-based company, shares all its reports transparently every month. In the data they upload to Dropbox, you can find answers to questions such as how many seeds were taken and where they were planted. Note: When you delete your cookies, the number of trees is reset and your trees continue to be planted. Ecosia

LOVE, founded in 1995, is not widely used in our country. However, according to Similarweb data, 6 million people visit a search engine daily. Love


Launched in 2008, DuckDuckGo is a search engine that values privacy. DuckDuckGo is an effective search engine that doesn’t save your search data and cookies in any way. There is 6.7 million singular traffic per day. DuckDuckGo


Another search engine focused on user security. It does not save your personal information, nor does it save the sessions you have opened. Also plenty of visual Görsel Peek

Domestic Search Engines

Yaani (Turkcell) Geliyoo (a site that uses API) (Closed)

Job Search Engines

LinkedIn CrunchBase Glasdo is Indeed Monster Xing Career

SEO Glossary

AMO: Turkish abbreviation of SEO. Search engine optimization consists of initials. SEO Expert: The person working on the SEO project of the website. SEO Manager: The person who manages the SEO projects of the website or sites. ASO: App store means optimization. SEM: Search engine marketing. Google News: Google’s special page to list the news. AdSense: A system developed by Google where non-Google publishers can earn money on their sites. Google AdWords: Google’s advertising service, where you can run your ad on both Google and Adsense publishers. Optimization: All harmonization efforts. On-Page Seo: In-site corrections to the coding structure in general. Off-Page Seo: These are the SEO processes made within the site. Ex. Backlinks Backlink: All of the links that refer to your website. DoFollow: Added backlinks can be followed by Google. NoFollow: This is the label Google needs not to follow backlinks. Rich Snippet: Voting in search results, tags, such as authors, articles. Domain: The domain name of the site. Alexa: A list of sites ranked by traffic. See Breadcrumb: Path to page marks. Users and bots on the site to avoid loss. Title: The title of the search results and browsers of our site. Description: Meta, which contains a description of the site. Index: Content that search engines include in search results. White hat SEO: Optimization with ethical and legal techniques. Greyline SEO: Neither good nor bad work done. Black hat SEO: I think you’re doing unethical optimization to the site. Hacker: I think everyone knows what happened. Directory: A list of websites ranked by various categories. PPC: Pay-per-click system. Spam: Illegal and unethical actions to deceive search engines. Hit: The number of unique users entering the site in one day. Organic hits: Users entering the site came from the search engines. CSS: The coding structure used when designing the site. HTML: The language used to display web sites in browsers. W3CW3C: World Wide Web Consortium. If the websites do not meet W3C standards, they will get incorrect website architecture. Ip: The address for each computer and server to connect to the Internet. IP6: New generation IP addresses. Page size: Page size. CMS: Content management system. Cache: Site caching. Cookie: Web sites left on computers. Server location: The country where the server is hosted. Algorithm: All of the mathematical operations that search engines use to rank sites. Browser: The name given to all Internet browsers. AMP: A system that enables web pages to work faster on mobile devices. Keyword density: Keyword density. Sandbox: Deleting your entire site from search results. Alt tagThe tag entered for the promotion of images to search engines. Heading tags: A tag that specifies the subject headings and subheadings. Robots.txt: The main directory text file where we report content that we don’t want Google to crawl. URL: The name given to Internet addresses. CanonicalUsed to separate the URLs that make copies on the site. Sitemap: A file that contains the URLs of all content on our site. 301: Permanently redirecting URLs on the site to other URLs. 302: Temporarily redirecting URLs on the site to other URLs. 404: Error page to which incorrect URLs are redirected.

What are the Benefits of SEO?

➢ SEO-compliant websites will open smoothly in all browsers. ➢ Reduces page sizes and saves server costs. ➢ Quick and trouble-free web sites are obtained on all devices (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop). ➢ User experience is improved. ➢ The number of page visits increases. ➢ Your prospective customers will see your company when you search for your product and service. ➢ It is the best marketing method in the digital world. ➢ Customer acquisition costs decrease over time. ➢ Increases customer recycling rates. ➢ New target audiences are reached. ➢ The audience will be aware of your site from every segment. ➢ The product is sold without paying any advertising fee. ➢ Switching between pages and categories is easier. ➢ Social media sharing becomes more effective. ➢ Malware and virus tracking is performed. ➢ 7-24 monitors are available to make the site accessible at any time. ➢ Using HTTPS protocol, user security is ensured. ➢ Reduces your SEM (Google AdWords) costs.

What is SEM?

Search Engine Marketing is the name given to the advertising fields of engines. The best SEM tool is Google AdWords. CPC (Cost Per Click) is paid per click for ads. SEM aims to come out first. A monthly campaign budget is created for ads. Ads receive impressions and clicks until the budget is full.

Why SEM and What are the Benefits?

➢ Easily rank keywords on Google AdWords. ➢ Your ads will appear on Google search networks and websites with Google ad publishers. ➢ Location, device, language targeting. ➢ Your ad will appear on the days and times you want. ➢ Campaign success and conversion rates can be measured. ➢ The number of page visits increases. ➢ Sales increase. ➢ You can set the budget yourself according to your KPIs. ➢ Brand awareness increases.

What is Analytics?

What is Google Analytics? How visitors behave, campaign performances, how visitors visit the site reached, the times and locations entered, the most time spent pages, conversion rates is one of Google’s free services. With the help of Analytics, you can increase the investment of high yielding keywords. Access to visitors Problems such as problems can be detected.

What are the Benefits of Analytics?

➢ Real-time user flow is tracked with Google Analytics. ➢ The number of visits and visitors is monitored. ➢ Users who follow the site frequently are monitored. ➢ Age and Gender are determined. ➢ The interests of our users are determined. ➢ Language and Location are determined. ➢ Bounce rate, exit page is determined. ➢ User can easily see which page they enter. ➢ User’s scanner and device are detected. ➢ Channels sending visitors are monitored. ➢ Target is determined and conversion tracking is performed. ➢ Determining the levels of Reading and Analysis, Collaboration, Regulation and Management for the employee’s authority

Adding a Google Site

Adding a website to a Google search engine is a simple process. As soon as you submit your site’s full address at Just send a page. Google bots will crawl all pages on your site and include the appropriate pages in the search results.

Google Search Console

You can sign up for the Google Search Console to be more visible and track ranking. Once you’ve added your site, upload an HTML file that indicates you’re the site owner to the home directory and confirm.

How to Use Search Console

You can see the configured data in the Search Console content and learn the errors. You can add rich cards. See your site’s speed metrics and HTML development suggestions. You can see the words your site appears in the search results in the Search Analytics section below the search traffic. The links to your site include links from other websites to your site. You can see links within the internal links section. Manual actions show fines imposed by Google on your website manually. You can select the target country from the international targeting section and see mobile issues in the mobile availability section. Under the Google Directory tab, you can see your indexed addresses and remove them. The crawl section includes crawl errors, crawl stats, robots.txt test tool, sitemap submission tool and Google bots invocation tool.

Bring Like Google

What is Fetch Like Google? It is a Search Console tool used to test and see how Google bots crawl, build, and view your site. With the help of this tool, sites not included in Google networks can be indexed. Is there any obstacle for Googlebot to login to the site, you can identify files that may have loading problems from page sources such as JS, CSS, and Visual. What Does Google Bring Like?

  • See screening problems.
  • Calling Google bots to the site.
  • Enter the site through the eyes of Googlebot.
  • To ensure fast indexing of pages.
  • To inform Google bots about updates to the site.

Use Fetch Like Google

Use Fetch Like Google First, the page address on our site is entered without the first class. Choose from the right panel to bring up the Desktop or Mobile version. When you say Fetch later, you’ll be able to see the code structures for your site that appear to Google. The purpose of the Fetch and Create button is to send the URL directly for inclusion in Google networks.

Fetch Errors Like Google

Not Found: Resource not found (HTTP or 404 response codes). This error indicates that you may see the HTTP 404 error code when you access your page using a web browser. Not Authorized: Googlebot does not have access to the page (for example, if the page requires a password). This error indicates that you may see the HTTP 403 error code when you access your page using a web browser. DNS not found: Google could not get the resource because the domain could not be found. Make sure you type the correct domain name (for example, so that Google can find your site server. Blocked: The resource’s host is blocking access to Googlebot using a robots.txt file. Blocked resources can affect Google’s understanding of the page and its ranking in specific queries. Blocked resources have a Severity Level, which is an estimate of the importance of the resource in Google’s understanding of the page: Low The missing resource has little effect on rendering the page. Moderate Missing resource has some effect on rendering the page. Examine the fetched page to determine if any deficiencies or differences from the actual page are sufficient to affect Google’s understanding of the page. High Missing resource significantly affects page rendering, and possibly changes the way Google indexes your page. – (Double hyphen) The error is not related to a blocked source. You can correct this error by updating your robots.txt file. Unreachable robots.txt file: Googlebot cannot access the resource’s host robots.txt file. In this case, Google will not load any resources from that host. To solve this problem, read our Help Center articles on how to create and test robots.txt files. Unreachable: The resource’s host took too long to respond or the host rejected the request. Make sure your server is turned on and running. Temporarily unavailable: 1) Fetch As Google cannot fetch your URL at this time because it takes too long for the server to respond. OR 2) Fetch As Google has cancelled your fetch because the server has made multiple consecutive requests for different URLs. Note that the URL is not inaccessible to all of Google. Only the Fetch Like Google simulation tool is inaccessible.

SEO Specialist

People who make their websites compatible with search engines are called SEO experts. This person runs the organization with editors, designers and developers. Do ethical work with the techniques recommended by Google. To have a share in the market, it must obtain successful references. It should follow the sector closely. Knows the web design processes very well. Be able to conduct keyword research and competitor analysis. Now let’s find out what it does.

  • You need to learn how to set up a website, how to manage it, what web technologies are.
  • Use Google Analytics well. The user should learn what the experience is and how to improve it.
  • It should carry out studies to increase conversions.
  • Optimize website speed.
  • Be knowledgeable about lead generation and marketing.
  • Manage SEM and all PPC systems.
  • It should improve itself by obtaining various certificates.
  • Keyword research should guide the content team through the content search.
  • It should also perform the coordination process with the design and software developers to work with.
  • Apply ethical techniques that comply with Google’s policies.
  • Continuous industry blogs, opinion leaders in the industry and Google webmaster forum should be followed.
  • The site should be compatible not only with search engines but also with social media.
  • In-site, off-site studies should learn how.
  • What is site health, how to improve the site should have information about these issues?
  • Not only word reference, but career is also important in this field.
  • For advanced level: Server optimization, server caching, server log monitoring, MailServer, firewall, simple Botnet, DDOS, such as the ability to prevent attack methods, comments and contact form sent to the advertising link block, spam mail blocking, backlink attack protection, hosting virus removal, etc.)

2011 – 2018 Google Algorithm Updates

Google is releasing new algorithms faster and faster. These updates are reflected in the search results. When our sites comply with the new algorithms, our web sites are in top positions. We need to update our web sites for the following algorithms. algorithms Panda Algorithm Release Date: February 24, 2011 Goal: Decrease the ranking of sites with low-quality content. Content is one of the most important factors in determining the quality score of Google’s Websites. This algorithm works very quickly and imposes a kind of penalty on sites that publish spam content. Although it does not have a slight impact on the news sites in our country, you should still consider this algorithm. What should be done? Weak and copy contents are edited. Logical sentences and presentations are made to increase the user’s reading time on the site. Penguin Algorithm Release Date: April 24, 2012 Goal: Decrease the ranking of sites with spam and black hat backlinks. Sites with backlinks obtained with spam techniques can no longer get rankings with this algorithm, which is constantly updated. Penguin algorithm is a system that runs very fast. What should be done? Low-quality backlinks should be blocked with the disavow tool. You should examine the link profile in detail. You should avoid low-quality sites and paid backlinks. Pirate Algorithm Release Date: August 2012 Goal: Decrease the ranking of websites that infringe copyright. Created for unlimited copyright notice received by Google. This algorithm is also valid within YouTube. In particular, the protection methods of this algorithm where torrent sites are affected are as follows. What should be done? Files such as movies, music on our sites should be removed. Do not share a copyrighted file of anyone on your site. Hummingbird Algorithm Release Date: August 22, 2013 Goal: Establish a connection between consecutive search queries. What should be done? Direct keywords should not be studied. Studies on one word contradict this algorithm. With the Google Keyword Tool, you can work on keywords you discover. Pigeon algorithm Release Date: July 24, 2014 Goal: Provide high-quality local search results Pigeon algorithm is applied for local search results. Shows results that match the searcher’s location. Following this algorithm, local sites appear at the top of Google results. What should be done? Google My Business page needs to be configured correctly. Pages that belong to that region should not be created without providing a service belonging to that region. Mobilegeddon Algorithm Release Date: April 21, 2015 Goal: To provide better ranking advantage to mobile-friendly pages, to reduce the ranking of sites without mobile compatibility. Ensures that sites with good mobile compatibility are included in the top results in search results. What should be done? Pages must be made mobile compatible, content that is difficult to read from the phone needs to be corrected. Question your mobile compatibility with a variety of tools. In particular, we need to pass the Google Mobile-Friendly test. RankBrain Algorithm Release Date: April 26, 2015 Goal: To provide better search results with the help of machine learning. Rankbrain is a kind of artificial intelligence. It works by summarizing and matching the pages. It also depends on traditional methods. What should be done? The user experience should be improved. Secure websites should be obtained. Bounce rate should be between 20% -40%. Possum Algorithm Release Date: September 1, 2016 Goal: Bringing more varied search results based on the searcher’s location. Displaying the search results according to the person’s physical position and sentences. What should be done? To be in the same location with similar businesses. Provide services and content for the location of the caller. Fred Algorithm Release Date: March 8, 2017 Goal: The only purpose is to extract low-quality websites with revenue and advertising and to prevent them from appearing in Google results. What should be done? Only advertising-based content should not be published. Websites for affiliate programs should not be established.

Quality content and SEO

Anyone who is closely interested in SEO works has come across the slogan that has become the cult “ Content is king ”. How does Google decide that content is of good quality? Or how does Google come up with the idea that content should rank higher in search ranking results? Content and SEO Jeff Baker, director of the Brafton agency, who explores this issue in detail and explains it to everyone in an article he wrote at the SEO blog Moz, said that they have been looking for the answer since the Hummingbird algorithm was put into use.

Google is much smarter now!

As it is known, with Hummingbird which became active in 2013, Google started to understand whether the content is sufficient or not rather than keyword usage and frequency. Yes, Google’s algorithm can now distinguish the meaning behind the words on a page. The era of cheating Google has ended, often passing keywords like before in irrelevant places. This pushes website owners to write really meaningful text for users. Baker, who is working on the Brafton agency’s website to promote organic search results, explained in detail how he achieved success. You can learn from below how this SEO work, which we think can inspire you, is carried out. The ranking results page above belongs to the word “search engine optimization techniques İngilizce in English. When you open each of the top 10 addresses and see which topics are covered in the article, you see a table like this: The following topics are listed: A, C, D, E, F The following topics are listed: A, B, F Topics in the third row: C, D, F The topics listed at the fourth place are: A, E, F, As a result of the examination, it is seen that different subjects from A to F are included in the articles as intermediate titles. What is remarkable here is the fact that F is located at the four addresses examined. This means that Google requires prioritization. So, what do you need to do to get into this ranking and rise? According to Brafton’s results, this question can be answered as follows:

  • F must also be included in a site that wants to be ranked.
  • More content than any other address should be written, content that is more informative, satisfying the reader and can keep the site for a long time.
  • The site that wants to be promoted should be the address where the most detailed and rich information is given to a user who researches this subject.

To fulfil the requirements of the above substances, that is to write quality content, the following steps are recommended. Manual: Analyze other competing sites in the word you want to ascend. Write up satisfying content to appear higher than them. SEMrush: If you publish content in a foreign language, it is possible to use artificial intelligence technology to make your content more effective. SEMrush’s Content SEO Content Template Ücretsiz feature, which can be used free of charge, can analyze the top 10 sites in any given word and list frequently used keywords and the number of recommended words.

The results are surprisingly successful!

The Brafton agency has also adapted it to practice using these listed tools. Brafton has achieved very successful results, working in a competitive word such as içerik financial content marketing düşük. The factors that lead the agency to success are shared as follows:

Is the article good enough?

Does the address you want to promote on Google have the most competent and informative content in its field? What’s more, do the content include intermediate titles and topics from your competitors? You should be able to say “Yes ına to these questions.

Update content without changing the address

You don’t want to lose a link, do you? To do this, change the content of the text that you rewritten and keep the URL constant. Then, re-invite bots to your site using the gear fetch like Google ”tool from Google Webmaster Tools.

Permanent ascension possible!

Shortly after you’ve done all this, open a hidden tab and perform a new search on your target keyword. You will personally observe that you have achieved positive results. So much so, Brafton claims that the ranking results have changed 1 minute after the index of the updated content addresses by Google. In this way, the agency has achieved a permanent rise in words such as “What is subdomain, best company email designs, marketing techniques, content marketing agency, google local businesses, company blog”. All they do is, in a nutshell: To provide the best content in the field!

In-Site SEO Training

Meta Title & Description

* Basic search engine optimization by Google guidelines Meta Title and Description begins with. Meta Title = Page Title is Meta Description = Page Descriptions. * In these fields, logical sentences containing our target words should be established. * Meta Title should not exceed 57 characters and Meta Description should not exceed 320 characters.

Don’t Leave Encoding Errors

For web pages to move to the first pages, they should work in all browsers without corruption and coding errors. Likewise, the website was designed with flash. Google Chrome has completely removed Flash support with version 55. As of January 1, 2017, flash support in AdWords has been removed. Instead, more secure and stable HTML5 will be used. Google animated Doodles have been designed with HTML5 for a long time. YouTube works with HTML5.

Don’t Try to Fool Google

RankBrain is the name given to Google’s artificial intelligence algorithm. This algorithm focuses on thinking like the human brain. Every day 15% of new search queries are made to Google to provide the most accurate content to users who make these queries. To sum up, computers impersonate human behaviour. Google algorithms are being developed at any time to provide the most effective answers to the complex questions we ask. This is not a technology that has been developed for two months. I seem to hear you ask how confident you are. Google CEO Larry Page answered the question of where Google is going in his TED talks in 2014: You will have a personal assistant where you can find everything and ask questions. We want to include artificial intelligence in Google algorithms.”To sum up, consider the term Google-like history. Think like a human, don’t fool the boots.

Pay attention to Content Code Compliance

Search engines look at the content on the web as text. This means that search engine bots do not read visuals except for errors and malware on the code side of our sites and do not deal with moving images. To increase this we need to use CSS tables instead of HTML tables. The content code rate on a website should not be less than 25% and should not exceed 70%. You can query the content code rate at Remove unnecessary and inoperative codes. Clear the gaps. Optimize your image sizes. Delete Flash files. Clear invisible hidden texts and links, if any. Start using the widget on the site. Remove duplicate menu links. Use short links instead of full links.

Heading Tags

It is extremely important to use the tag structure, which we call Heading, to specify the importance of the pages of a website to the search engines. At this point, some important details necessary under the attention is located, a certain hierarchy construction Heading tags installed on over the right keywords should be stated. Heading labels are named H1, h3, H3 according to their importance . 1 keyword-oriented H1 tag should be used per page.

Site Speed


What is Breadcrumb? It is a way to add a signature to prevent users and bots from entering your site. Thanks to Breadcrumb, all content on your site can be reached within 3-4 clicks. Sites that are accessible in a simple way gain importance in search engines. Turkish definition: Bread crumb. Visitors using this sign path can move to the next level at any time. Recommended for user satisfaction. It is very important for search engine optimization as it is frequently featured on Google’s official blog and help pages. The more you make your sites simple and straightforward, the more Google loves bots. The use of breadcrumb should be as follows: Home> Top Category> Subcategory> Content Benefits:

  • Visitors understand your site better.
  • Switching between pages is easier.
  • Because it takes up little space, there is no need to search long pages.
  • There is no possibility to disturb users.
  • It is easy to understand and use.
  • Easy to integrate into the site.

Breadcrumb sample: BreadCrumb Example

Canonical Tag

What is Canonical? In websites, the canonical tag is used to prevent pages that are similar to each other from being indexed in excess and copies. Pages that use Canonical get more effective results in search engines. The Canonical label should appear on each page.

Image Alt Text

What is Alt Text? Google and other search engine bots can’t see images like we do now. It looks at its alt tags to identify images, identify what they’re relevant to, and show them in search results. Alt tag is a highly sensitive issue for visual optimization.

404 Error Page

What is a 404 Error Page? error pages that appear when a user tries to reach a page that is not on your website. Some common reasons for this error message are: • The requested file has been renamed. • The desired file has been moved and / or deleted to another location. • The requested file maintenance, upgrade, or other unknown cause is temporarily unavailable. • The requested file does not exist.


It gives search engines information about all of the pages on our website. This information includes the page address, the date of modification or creation, the value of the page, and the time it was updated. All search engines, especially Google, want to see a sitemap on our websites. Without a sitemap, we won’t be able to get a suitable website for search engines.


A file located in the root directory of your site that indicates where you don’t want search engine bots to access your site. The file uses the Robots Blocking Standard, a protocol with a small set of commands. These commands can be used to show access to your site by section and by specific web browser type (such as mobile browsers and desktop browsers).


Nofollow tag; It is used to command the search engines of websites to no follow this link ”. Google; Nofollow tag should be used for links to sites other than your website.

Mobile Compatibility

Mobile technology is changing the world. Having a mobile compatible website has become an important part of the online presence. The majority of users coming to your site are probably using a mobile device. The desktop version of a page can be difficult to view and use from a mobile device.

HTTPS Protocol

HTTPS: stands for Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol). HTTPS is essentially a universal protocol that helps open websites, making it more convenient and reliable by adding an SSL certificate.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a tool Google communicates with website owners. With this tool, we can measure the various metrics of our site, we can measure the keywords that send traffic.

What is a SEF URL?

Large and small usage in SEO compatible URL structure is not recommended. Both search engines and users should be able to read the URLs on their websites easily. A concise URL structure is recommended.

Mobile-First Indexing

Google recently indexed Mobile priority, this is a ranking criterion, he screams. On March 26, the official Google Webmaster blog announced the transition to this algorithm. We know that sites with good mobile compatibility will be reflected in search results.

Long-Tail Keywords

To move your website to the top of the search engine ranking results, you need to produce quality content and struggle with your competitors in this way. So how will you achieve this? Of course, by presenting what is not your competitors, the original and different.


Latent Semantic Indexing is a technique that enables the content of your site to be created by search engine optimization while creating the content of your site. For example, in SEO content that you will create for your site, it may be useful to talk about search engines. But talking about Mynet is not going to help, it’s going to get into confusion and separate issues. That’s why we need to pay attention to the LSI technique in all the content you create for your sites.

Progressive Web Apps

What is PWA? Progressive Web App What is PWA ?: It is the name given to bringing the user experience of websites to mobile application level. In short, with PWA-designed mobile sites, you will experience an experience as if you are using a mobile application. Saves your site’s information to the user’s machine. By updating this information only when needed, you get a faster and hassle-free view. Main Features

  • Allows your mobile website to work offline.
  • By adding a shortcut to the home screen of mobile devices, you are logged in as a mobile application.
  • Mobile websites of the future.
  • With PWA, the screen is filled to a perfect rate, your website is used in full-screen form.
  • With Push Notification, you can send notifications even if your website is not open.
  • If the person who uses the application wants to make it available to someone else, he/she makes the download by sending the link without making any download.
  • When your app is updated, you don’t need to make any updates from your mobile devices.
  • On sites that use PWA, users’ stay on sites increases.

No library is needed to develop PWA. It can be designed with HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT. Effects of PWA on SEO

  • Your content can be crawled more easily.
  • is compatible.
  • Compatible with Open Graph.
  • Provides a clean URL structure.
  • Page opening speed increases.
  • Increases user interaction.

W3C – World Wide Web Consortium

W3C: World Wide Web Consortium Established in 1994 by Tim Burners-Lee, a scientist who is considered the father of the Web, the World Wide Web Consortium sets the standards for World Wide Web (WWW). Today, 4 billion people benefit from 2 billion websites. Web sites must be built according to W3C standards to continue the flow of data on the web. If the websites do not meet W3C standards, they will get incorrect website architecture. World Wide Web The World Wide Web (WWW) is an information-sharing system that transmits multimedia elements such as text, images, videos, and so on over the Internet with HyperText Markup Language (HTML). Developed by Tim Burners-Lee in 1989 at CERN laboratories. In 2004 he was granted the title of Sir by the Queen of England for his contributions to human culture. Berners-Lee is currently president of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), senior researcher at MIT, and professor of computer science at the University of Southampton. W3C’s mission is to deliver social value, communication, trade and knowledge to all people, regardless of hardware, software, network infrastructure, native language, culture, geographic location, physical or mental capabilities.

W3C Standards

  • Ensure that websites continue to use HTML.
  • Rendering HTML output and making it accessible for disabled users.
  • Seamless access on all devices, such as Mobile Web, Voice Search, Device Independence, Content Compatibility, Multimodal Access, Web and TV.
  • Adherence to the principles of Web Architecture, adherence to URL rules, meta formats, XML output.
  • Semantic web (Semantic Network) with reliable data transfer rules and structured data to spread the information to the whole Internet.
  • Ability to integrate all the information anywhere using schemes (search engines, cars, artificial intelligence or any website)
  • Integrate information anywhere with schemes including browsers, search engines, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, media players, broadcast platforms, social networks, bots, robots, forums, media sharing sites.

If you ask my personal opinion, this formation, including the transfer of information to animals in the future, will work and develop in the long future. W3C will continue to exist as long as the web exists.

W3C and SEO

Search engines incorporate websites into their directories using W3C standards. XML outputs, Structured Data and Schemas in W3C standards. Google, Yandex and Bing results. Sites that meet W3C standards rank higher in search results. Search engines rely more on these websites because they can decode all the code that comes into the browser output. The user wants to stream to these sites. You can use the links below to check if your website complies with W3C standards. HTML: CSS: You can access the W3C’s tools at their addresses.

SEO Analysis

You now know that doing SEO on your website is a must to be among the favourite sites of search engines. Our content includes what you need for a successful SEO Analysis. Apply SEO analysis techniques to your site.

SEO Analysis Metrics

  • Page Title
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Meta Keywords
  • Single Keywords
  • Keyword Usage
  • Total Words
  • Text / HTML Ratio Test
  • robots.txt
  • Sitemap
  • Internal Vs. External Links
  • SEF URLs
  • favicon
  • Visual ‘bottom’ Test
  • DOC Type
  • Depreciated HTML Tag
  • HTML Page Size
  • GZIP Compression
  • Inline CSS
  • Internal CSS
  • Microdata Schema Test
  • IP Canonicalization Test
  • URL Canonical Test
  • Plain Text Email Test
  • Mobile Usage Test
  • Google Page Speed Test
  • Uploading Concealer Concealing Content Prevent Application
  • Avoid Plugins
  • Configure Viewport
  • Resize Image to View Window
  • Dimension Targets Appropriate
  • Using Legible Font Sizes
  • Landing Page Redirects
  • GZIP Compression
  • Browser Caching
  • Server Response Time Measurement and Shortening
  • CSS Compression
  • HTML Reduction
  • JavaScript Reduction
  • JavaScript and CSS Render Blocking
  • Compressed Pictures
  • Prioritizing Visible Content

SEO Analysis Tools List

semrush SEMrush is by far the best tool in the market. Thanks to this, you can add projects, follow up word ranking and explore technical problems by performing on-page analysis. Although the backlink is not very effective for querying, it is throwing a lot of notice, especially to its competitors. With the latest AdWords diagnostic tool, you can discover which banners your competitors are advertising on.

Moz Logo

It has been leading the SEO sector for a long time, especially with the content published on the blog side. In the tool, keyword finder, backlink link diagnosis, SEO campaign tracking, on-page analysis, keyword ranking tracking features are outstanding. You can discover keyword rankings, search views, and crawl errors for campaigns you’ve added. Ahrefs

With Ahrefs, which becomes an authority to perform your link analysis, you can see your Dofollow and Nofollow rates and preview lost backlinks by date. You will be able to monitor your backlink increases instantly. You will be able to see your pages with the most links. You will be able to measure your link distributions. Monthly fee starts from 99 USD.


It’s a German-made vehicle that I had the chance to drive this year. Sites are rated according to their checklist. Also, the site’s analysis shows health issues such as sitemap, robots, uptime. You can see structural optimization problems, content optimization problems and technical optimization problems in the website success section on the left.


A web-based tool that allows you to analyze your site’s SEO and query its overall status. With this tool, you can compare your sites with competitors. You can review the backlink. You can see your social sharing rates. This tool will show you what you need to pay attention to during the optimization process and your errors are $ 69.


In general, it can be defined as a backlink analysis tool. With Majestic you can see the domains referenced to your site, you can query the reliability score, you can see the lost or new backlinks. It is crawling information about your website. Anchor text rates of this vehicle you can question the starting price of 29 EURO.

Keyword Suggestion

A simple and effective word discovery tool. is a tool that runs close to your target words, running through the web. The working system is very simple and gives new letters from A to Z at the beginning and end of the word. The nearest competitor,, is a bit more advanced and paid.

PageSpeed Insight

With this free tool from Google, you can determine the mobile and desktop speeds of your website. You can see the cause of the slow speed and suggestions for correcting it. You can get support for in-site SEO.


It’s more advanced than Google’s speed tool. It does your analysis through Canada. You can export as PDF. It has features such as HTML reduction suggestions, image optimization suggestions, caching and Gzip suggestions. We recommend this free tool.

W3C Valid

This tool where you can see the coding errors of your site is completely free. We think it’s an important tool for your on-page edits.


  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google PageSpeed Insight
  • GT Metrix
  • Yoast SEO
  • All in SEO
  • Screaming Frog (SEO Program)
  • WM Tool
  • SEO Instructor
  • R10.NET

At the end of the training, try at least 3 of these tools.

Sample SEO Analysis (Wikipedia)

From a technical point of view, it’s not an exaggeration to say that Wikipedia has signed one of the most successful SEO efforts in the world. Having hosted millions of visitors every month, Wikipedia has 46 million article pages in more than 300 languages that are flooded with organic visitors. The strict quality control scheme implemented by the Wikimedia Foundation, the founder of the site, has also caused visitors to establish a close trust with Wikipedia. wiki To what does Wikipedia owe this success? Moreover, what kind of lessons can SEO learners take from Wikipedia? In the first place, it can be thought that Wikipedia’s rich and original content contributes to the prominence of Google rankings. It is also important that the site has a high authority. However, Wikipedia’s top ranking in almost every information-searching word is also due to deliberate SEO work. The factors that cause Wikipedia to be listed at the top of both mobile and desktop search rankings are as follows:

  • Domain name selection
  • In-site Links and HTML view
  • Meta descriptions
  • Page template and URL format
  • Site architecture
  • Quick loading of pages

Domain name selection

The goal set by Wikipedia on its way is to provide quality and satisfying content to people who want to access educational information from around the world. For this reason, Wikipedia has not always hesitated to adapt the domain name to various countries. In other words, a user living in Italy was able to visit “ instead of .com için to access Italian information. Wikipedia, which has many domain names, such as and, has also accomplished a successful international SEO work. Also, more than 300 subdomains such as .m du have been created for mobile sites. Another important factor is the ranking of the most popular encyclopedias according to the number of articles on Wikipedia’s universal landing page,, backlink output for other languages in each country-specific version of Wikipedia, and using the rel = ate alternate ” tag in these links.

In-site Links and HTML view

When reading an article on Wikipedia, pay attention to the citations. All backlink outputs are listed at the bottom of the page. This helps Google bots detect link output later when visiting the site. Likewise, Wikipedia’s own internal links are also listed after the other body. In this way, Wikipedia avoids Google’s penalties for sites that link to sites from the footer and sidebar regions.

Meta descriptions

Hold on: No article pages on Wikipedia have a meta description! Yes, nowadays, Wikipedia always leaves blank the meta-description region, which is called malı Must be filled tarafından by all SEO experts. The reason for this is that users will automatically fill in the meta description part of Google based on their search. For example, let’s take the Sun article on Wikipedia. When a user searches for What kind of star is the sun? Google, Google may display the portion of the relevant item in the search results just below the Wikipedia title. Likewise, in a search query kaç How old is the sun? Meta, the meta description part can change. Wikipedia follows a dynamic and variable meta description structure, enabling users to access information quickly and easily. Certainly a logical move.

Page template and URL format

Wikipedia insists on using a single page template and URL format. Thus, a common structure is adopted in other sister sites of Wikipedia. For example, Wiki pages are in the following URL format:{Title] The URL format for other Wikipedia sites is as follows: Wikimedia Commons: Wiktionary: Wiktionary:


Wikipedia, as the world’s largest virtual encyclopedia, has done a successful SEO work. The work of the site administrators is an inspiration for other experts. Paid Analysis

Duplicate Content

Repeated Content It is very difficult to determine the order in which the highly similar articles will be displayed, even for advanced Google algorithms. Similar contents need to be prepared very carefully, as it is likely to fall back in the rankings as a cause of confusion.

What Exactly Is Duplicate Content?

URL structures created by the system or content owner for the same article and referring to the same article may be called renewed content. If the URL generated for the title, the URL generated for the tag, and the URL generated for the archive are directed to the same article, this means that the content is being refreshed. Causes of Duplicate Content

Misunderstanding the URL Concept

The URL is specific to each content. Specifically, publishing an article at different URLs is a troubling SEO issue.

Session IDs

If the ID codes used for various purposes are open to the search engines, the use of IDs should be closed to the search engines bots, as duplicate content is likely to occur.

URL Parameters Used for Tracking and Sorting

URL structures created for tracking user actions are also among the most important situations that may cause duplicate content.

Content Syndication

Duplicate content is the same content used by multiple websites. In most cases, it’s possible to protect content you don’t want copied by saying Getir Bring It Like Google ”.

Comment Pages

Pages created to show the overriding comment on a second page also cause duplicate content to appear.

Printer Friendly Pages

Since creating a separate URL for printer-friendly content causes duplicate content to occur, no separate URLs should be created when creating such content.

WWW and non-WWW

If your site generates both www and non-www URLs, you’re likely to encounter duplicate content issues.

Share of Your Website’s Speed on SEO

Even nowadays, it is possible to say that the internet environment is at the centre of our lives. In our personal lives, many things are slow, that is, waiting, waiting to disturb our nerves. Bank queues and bus queues are one of the most frustrating situations in real life. If we adopt the situation in our real life to the internet environment, we can see that there is not much difference between the feeling of a slow opening site and waiting for a bus line. In short, when we encounter a page that doesn’t open for a long time, we’re starting to be interested in other alternatives. Customers coming to the agencies for SEO interviews open the site speed directly to the agency employees and try to get their ideas on this issue. We thought that it would make more sense to answer this question through a post. What is the impact of site opening rate on SEO, which we are sure to be important for user experience?

Effect of Opening Speed on Sequencing

We know from Google’s official blog that site opening speed is one of the main factors affecting your site’s ranking. In an attempt by Google on its website, the half-second delay in uploading speed was the equivalent of a 20% reduction in search traffic, with the classic conversion of 10 results uploaded results pages into 30 results loaded pages. Losing 20% of its users as a half-second diet was one of the biggest impacts of Google’s inclusion of site speed in its search algorithm.

Impact of Opening Speed on User Experience

While our main goal as site owners is to go up in the search results to ensure the maximum degree of people entering our site; The main purpose of Google in the search results of the websites listed in the search results to provide the maximum benefit to users in the most optimal way. Research has shown that the decrease in the speed of the site, users can leave the site without seeing the content causes. When the statistics of a shopping site operating in the USA are examined, we find that 51% of users leave the site without shopping if the site loads slowly and do not visit again. Not only for shopping sites but for sites that offer unique information content, this does not change much.

Main Reasons for Late Loading of Pages

Host-Based Problems

Buying a high-rate host that can remove traffic to your site without any problems is an important factor in terms of opening your site quickly and keeping it in use for 24 hours. It is also important to choose a host according to the location of your target audience.

Dimensions of Images

One of the main reasons for the late loading of web sites is that the images are not optimized. Images that are large significantly reduce the opening speed. If this happens, all you have to do is optimize your images.

Social Media Sharing Buttons

Since the codes that allow the social media sharing buttons to appear are usually drawn from third-party servers, the densities on these servers directly affect your site.

Design Issues

Designs that move away from being minimalist and drown in visuals for show purposes are generally considered as the main reason for slow opening.

Site Speed Test

Google Analytics Site Speed Data

You can check the opening speed of the pages by date in the “Site Speed” section under the altında Behavior ”tab of your Analytics account. Nowadays, with the increase in internet speeds, one of the main points that users pay attention to is the speed of opening sites. The search engines, which are constantly updated to respond to the requests of the users, also carry the fast-opening sites to the top rankings. Fast opening of your site and fast transitions between pages will allow users to spend more time browsing more pages on your site. If you need to list the tools item by item you can test the speed of your site:

    1. Google PageSpeed Insights PageSpeed Insight This tool, provided by Google Developers, allows you to test the speed of your site directly from the search engine’s tool. This speed test tool offers you the following advantages: -The speed of opening your site on both desktop and mobile devices Evaluates the opening speed between 0 and 100 points, making it easier for you to get ideas -Gives you suggestions if you have a slow-opening site or want to increase page speed. -The browser has been removed for add-ons can perform instant tests.
  1. GTMetrix Page Speed Test Tool gtmetrix Although not offered by a search engine, it is a very useful test tool. The possibilities offered by this tool are: – You can compare YSlow and GTMetrix scores of the site you are wondering about the speed test result. – You can download the test result in PDF format to your computer. -When the vehicle queried the site which queries used and received a detailed report page, such as what results are presented to you.


It is possible to translate AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), a new application brought by Google to websites, into Turkish as “Accelerated mobile pages. As the name suggests, pages using AMP technology open incredibly quickly. In the Google ranking results, an icon () appears next to the pages that support AMP. Factors that extend page load time, such as photos, videos, and ad codes, are disabled with AMP, the user only displays the actual content. This allows for quick opening of mobile-compatible sites.

Offsite SEO Training


The first word you will hear when you start dealing with websites or step into the SEO world is “backlink. So what is this backlink? What is it and how is it done? In short, Turkish means “backlink bağlantı. Now let’s look at the definition. Backlink is any link of Site A to Site B in any way to increase its value in search engines. This link can be a visual media or text. You can think of it more like a reference system. It means that one site is the reference for increasing SEO value from one to another. If you have a very valuable reference when you want to get a job, you come to a very valuable position on the floor of the company you apply for, don’t you? Now you can think of the employer here as Google. Google doesn’t like paid link sales! As a result, Google has developed another system that will automatically detect fake, unnatural paid links. Thus, backlinks received from the following sites began to be considered poor quality: Online forum sites Blog comments Guest books Wiki pages Article directories Question and answer sites Social bookmarking sites When the links from these pages started to bring more harm than benefits over time, the idea of getting promotional articles became popular among website owners. For a long time, it was possible to rise in search engines, especially with backlinks from news sites. With the announcement made by Google on January 29, 2018, the publication of the same promotional article on different sites, linking with rich labels, promotional articles written by those who were not familiar with the subject were prohibited. Internal linking on the SEO site as well as the backlinks received from other websites may contribute to increasing the score and authority of the relevant site with Google. In external link purchases, it will be beneficial to not leave naturalness as much as possible, not to make linking in a way to disturb the user and to prefer quality sites.

Domain History

Your Domain History: If you are not the first owner of the domain you registered, it is useful to find out the history of your domain in various query methods. A domain name that has already been mimicked will not be successful even if you make serious efforts.


Country TLD Extension: It is another advice that will help you to achieve success if you correctly identify your work area as a location and obtain extensions from countries or countries located in that location.

Social media

Can create social media accounts, one of the first things to do after setting up a new website, help your site grow organically on Google? This question is one of the most curious issues of website owners in recent years. It is possible to get free backlinks via channels such as Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. But it is still a question of whether this works.

The most natural way to win backlinks: Social media!

There is a fact that SEO experts are allied to Sharing your site through social media is a natural and organic way to gain backlinks. In this way, both social media users can visit your site, as well as the Google bots indexing these sites will detect the link to your site. Google, which has recently accelerated its work on machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence, can give priority to search results when it realizes that your site is naturally shared on social networks. However, it is worth noting that this estimate has not been formally formulated by any Google official so far.

Social media and SEO should be carried out together

However, it may be a mistake to be content with social media networks only to gain backlinks. It is much wiser to diversify the backlink sites as much as possible with social media platforms. In addition to promotional articles, you can provide this by not neglecting Twitter and Facebook shares.

Google Maps

Google Maps (English: Google Maps) is a free online mapping service launched by Google. Google Maps also provides API (application programming interface) support for other sites to take advantage of the service. Google Earth, the software version of Google Maps; It can run on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Linux based operating systems. The Google Maps service also offers three-dimensional building models. You can provide potential customers looking for you with full information by specifying your business, location and facilities on Google Maps via Google My Business page. Google My Business service is completely free and can be used by any business. Things to do to sign up for Google My Business Once you’re sure you’re signed in with a company or personal email account that includes a Gmail extension, access the relevant page through the link below and go to the first step to add your business to Google My Business and naturally to Google Maps. When you click on the link, you will fill in the form page completely and correctly. The information you provide here will then be shown to all users. Free Google Maps Registration Once you’ve completed the form, click the continue button immediately below the form and you’ll have your record submitted to Google My Business. On the following page, click Gönder Mail My Code ”and you will choose the method by which the next code will be delivered to you for verification. It may take from one to three weeks for this code to arrive at the address you provide by actual mail. Google My Business Approval After saying “Send My Code by Mail da, enter the name and surname of the person who will receive the mail in the next section. The next thing you need to do is wait for the code to arrive at your address. Once the code arrives, log in to your Google My Business account and enter the postal code in the appropriate field by the instructions printed on the envelope. If you enter the code correctly, your account will be approved. There are some basic advantages of having your business a Google My Business page. With an approved account, you’ll be listed directly on the top pages of your business or similar searches. By providing instant information to your potential clients about your various services, you will make your business more attractive and increase your corporate level. Information will appear on your page, such as the exact location of your business, on which days and times you are operating, and comments made by those who have previously come to your business. The biggest contribution of this is that the expectations of the customers coming from this field have already been established. So you can easily market your product or service without extra effort.

SEO Errors

Spend hundreds, even thousands of pounds and work with the best SEO experts, but your site can not rise in some sort of Google ranking? If your site doesn’t get the desired ranking even though you spend a lot of effort, you may be making some mistakes in SEO. It is possible to carry out healthier SEO works by avoiding the general SEO mistakes that will cause your site’s ranking to fall. For this, you should try not to fall into the following simple SEO errors.

Not opting for opening speed

Themes that contain a lot of Javascript and CSS files, pop-up ads, and as a result, sites that load in seconds but All of this leads to both visitors and Google bots leaving your site in a short time. Using free services called GMetrix and Google PageSpeed, you need to listen to the advice you need to increase your site’s opening speed.

Just get a link to the homepage

Rather than diversifying the backbone purchases that make up the backbone of SEO, getting links to the homepage is one of the most common SEO errors. Getting proportional backlinks to categories and sub-pages that receive a lot of traffic can help the site gain authority with Google in general.

No internal linking

You can redirect Google to other addresses on your site by linking to keyword-related tag and category pages in your content. This can increase the Google rankings of your sub-pages. You can also make it possible for the visitor to access more relevant content on the topic of interest.


If you act indifferent to your site by not periodically entering content on your site and not enriching the content you publish with videos and visuals; Google will also show the same interest in your site. Please satisfy the user so that Google will love your site.

Not registering with Webmaster Tools

Don’t forget to register with Google Webmaster Tools to submit the sitemap and track 404 errors that occur on your site! If your pages are indexed late, you can quickly get indexes using the ‘fetch like Google’ feature in Webmaster Tools.

Youtube SEO

As a result of my YouTube SEO analysis, I was able to achieve some ranking criteria. How to increase the number of views on YouTube What are the YouTube ranking criteria? The answers to these questions are included in our content. Using these techniques, I was able to get more than 2 million views organically in a single video. Also, if you look at the channel, there are videos from which I have received more than 600,000 views. I will be sharing advanced techniques rather than plain logic, such as upload videos, write titles, and comment. If your father discovers, he does not share these techniques I believe that knowledge increases with sharing. I’m not saying this algorithm is 100% correct, it’s up to you to test it. I’m sure you will increase your number of views by using these techniques.

YouTube Ranking Criteria

(Sorted by importance)

Title Matching Keyword

Video title is the most important criteria for YouTube SEO. Too many words in the title mean you can’t come up with any word. It is ideal to use a title that tells a sentence of video and convinces you to watch it. Inspire the titles used by competitors. There is no such thing as an ideal number of words. Don’t write to be.

Keyword Description

Be sure to annotate the videos you upload. Describe the video content here. The description you copy and paste into each video is worthless on YouTube. The ideal number of words for the description is available. The longer and original the better.


You can create a title and description based on the YouTube language the user uses. Add title, description and subtitle with at least 2 languages.

Video Tags

Although the year is 2018, there is an area where you can enter tags for each video. This is the cornerstone of YouTube. Google has already left the tag system for web results. I’m sure you’il get up on YouTube. Get up before you get up.

Channel Tags

If your channel is broadcasting in a certain category, you must also specify a tag for the channel.

Match Clip Art with Keyword

Google’s artificial intelligence bot (RankBrain) can identify what images are related to and what is specific to YouTube.

Video Views

In addition to video fake views, the number of views from social media, news and organic forms have value in terms of search visibility.

Number of Channel Subscribers

Your subscribers who follow you regularly and keep their loyalty to you are returning as SEO.


If your video has been included in playlists by others, that would be a big plus for you.

Number of Likes

Watching the video and liking users + s are very valuable for you. Do not say that we like to buy likelatırkan kankalın plain logic. Google is smarter than you. It can predict whether or not you have sent a real rating based on the time the video is viewed. Moreover, this is not only based on the viewing time. So don’t try to manipulate it.


Organic comments on your video, keywords in the comments will increase your organic ranking. You can try to get a comment. In the video, you can sing with sound or ask your friends on social media. Keep in mind that if the comment isn’t qualified, it will be detected by Google bots.

Channel Views

Authorized channels with a high number of views of each video he adds will have high visibility in search engines.

Number of Sites that Embed or Link to Video

Sharing videos you upload on social media and websites will increase your ranking result.

Viewing Time

Watching a 3-minute video for 30 minutes (multiple views of a user) will have positive effects on YouTube results.

Daily Average Views

Users who watch your videos daily are of great value to you.

Release date

Videos with a new release date remain on YouTube. Bonus: Don’t forget to use YouTube Analytics. You can analyze your videos using YouTube Analytics. Who is watching where, from which calls are watched, which videos appear on the right side and give very valuable metrics like subscriber return rate? Create a YouTube channel with these techniques in SEO training.

App Store SEO

Today, mobile use has increased by over 50% last year. Now the content on digital media has to appear on mobile. Of course, the bidet of work is the size of ASO – Apple Store Optimization – GPSO Google Play Store Optimization. No matter how well you do your application, it will not provide organic downloads if it is not in the top positions. In this article, we share what we know about Mobile Application SEO. Mobile SEO

Application Name Selection

Does your application name reflect your service? Users should be able to find the application they are looking for. If you’ve designed a spider game, it’s a great benefit to have the word Spider in your application name.

Publisher Name

That’s the name you need to make. Use a name to target the industry in general.

Application Description

Briefly describe your application in your app description. Remember to use your keywords. Here you will introduce your application to users. If there is something in your text that the user does not like, it will stop downloading your application.

Application Screenshots

Screenshots that you take while in your app encourage you to install your app. This is one of the most important points. Share remarkable images as much as you can.


You can promote your application in seconds with a video presentation that will show the useful structure of your application. And how does that happen? This is how you respond to support requests collectively.

Scoring System

Consider especially negative scores made to your application. Scoring is one of the best areas where you can measure user satisfaction. Try to understand and satisfy users who give negative points.

Use of Logo

The user who sees your logo should be interested and throne. Visuality is very important here. The application logo and favicon will reflect your brand identity. Make sure that even the SEO effect is great.

ASO Tools

Tools you can use in the process of mobile application optimization: APPcase, Sensor Tower, Flurry, APPtamin.

Google Content Removal

Google, the world’s most advanced search engine, supports 2 categories of content removal.

Removing Copyrighted Content

Copyright owners may remove this content if it detects unauthorized publication of TV shows, movies, videos, audio recordings, lectures, articles, books, compositions, pictures, posters, video games, and computer software on Google. Google does not automatically remove these content but expects notification from the copyright owner. If you can prove that your work is authorized and yours (such as the DMCA), you may request that you remove your copyrighted content at If you do not own the copyright, you may also be penalized, such as attorney fees. Be careful about this.

Deleting Information from Google

Google is committed to removing not only copyrighted content but also harmful content. These contents are bank account, credit card, signature images, medical records. There is no support for the deletion of any other information. This means that there is no support for removing News, Blog or any of your images. You can proceed at Even if Google deletes the site from search results, content will still appear in other search engines and social media. The best option for this is to contact the site owner. Google Content Removal


Backlink attacks

One of the concepts that develops together with the concept of SEO is the concept of ANTI-SEO. Among the competitors trying to seize the first place, ANTI-SEO methods are frequently applied in addition to SEO methods. Competitors can be easily reduced from the rankings by applying the techniques that form the content of the question ever what should not be done eye to the competing site. In 2016, Google engineers developed a tool called the Disavow Links Tool. This tool can prevent untrusted connections.


There is a lot to write about it, but I would like to answer the question of how to find a solution rather than what is not, without further ado. I’ve resisted attacks for many years from optimizing the server with Nginx and WHM, buying WordPress plugins, buying Firewall from Data Centers, and many of my clients’ sites. As the aim of the attack is Google ranking, it’s always up to me. If the packet size is high, your host will unplug your server. If it sells Firewall service it will recommend it. Or he’il tell you to take your backup. It was a lot of hosting company that fired me. That’s why CloudFlare is the hacker’s fearful dream. Strongly recommend! If your site does not have much attack size, you can find solutions by fixing software errors on your site. and optimize your server. If the attacks are not interrupted, you should optimize your server. I suggest you install Nginx on Apache if you can do it yourself. Also, install ConfigServer Security & Firewall on WHM. Sometimes these methods can save lives. I also recommend the All In One WP Security & Firewall plug-in for WordPress sites.

Scanning software vulnerabilities

Sucuri It is one of the most popular among the applications used and is the most frequently updated. You can perform a quick check for dangerous situations such as malware, spam and tampering that may be present on your site, and you can solve these problems with your programmer.

Qualys SSL Labs, Qualys FreeScan SSL Labs, one of the most widely used tools for scanning SSL vulnerabilities, can be used to check the expiration date, general evaluation, encryption, SSL version and the protocol information provided by the SSL version.

Siteguarding With the help of this tool, you can search for bad software, blacklist and spam. Another advantage of this tool is that it is compatible with popular scripts.

Acunetix With this paid software, your site is tested for over five hundred vulnerabilities and the test result is reported to you. A 14-day trial is available for the first time to Acunetix.

Netsparker Cloud It stands out as a corporate tool for controlling 25 potentially vulnerable website vulnerabilities. It is free of charge for open source projects. For commercial purposes, you can benefit from the service for a small fee.


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