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Your search for an SEO agency is over. We are a local SEO company in Manchester that offers affordable technical SEO services.
Your search for an SEO agency is over. We are a local SEO company in Manchester that offers affordable technical SEO services.
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The Secret of SEO (REQ)

SEOReq, is a local SEO agency that offers affordable and measurable optimisation services. Our senior experts diagnose and fix your technical issues. Grow your site with our ethical SEO campaigns. SEO is a long-term digital marketing investment. You don’t need to pay for click or position etc. For this reason SEO the best Digital Marketing method and top ROI channel.


Search Engine Analysis


Content + Code Optimization


Backlink + Social Signals


Better Search Engine Results

We Are the Manchester's SEO Professionals

Define dominant SEO strategies for your website. Custom-build projects as your website’s requirements. We help organizations search engine ranks by optimizing websites. We build a thorough valuable and affordable strategyWe focus on the optimisation that can bring successful results. Real successful results don’t come alone. When you bring all of your search engine marketing channels together, this tactic is an integrated approach. Being full-service optimization allows the traverse boundaries of digital marketing. SEOReq helps organizations Google ranks by optimizing websites. If you want to get ranking on search terms or increase the visibility, you must be valuable from Google’s eyes. We are moving forward with the reasonable prices and solution-oriented SEO services approach. We act as a search engine department in your business, let’s gain your website’s search engine authority and visibility. All of our operations includes risk-free techniques.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO

You have the opportunity to fix your HTML, CSS and JavaScript errors to optimise your website as a technical. Let’s clean your code, fix the technical issues. Almost all of the web sites have a lot of technical error which is normal. If you fancy fixing these issues be sure that it gives a lot of profit. Increase page speed exactly means increase your website traffic. We will very happy to fix the technical issues. The aim should create a high-quality, Google compatible, user-friendly and technical optimized sites. Affordable technical optimization is here.

Search Engine Marketing

Local SEO

Improve website and map rankings for location-related search terms.Local SEO services aim to increase your search engine results with local search terms. Local SEO is a service for businesses which need to enhance their website rankings for location-related search terms.. There are many numbers of metrics to rank the locations. We are here to apply our vast knowledge of search engine for your local business. Improve website and map rankings for location-related search terms. There are so many high volume keywords on Google Maps. Local SEO services can help you rank higher on search engines in your local area.

Local SEO

E-commerce SEO

eCommerce optimization is a holistic approach. Clearly online sales are huge now and %71 of shoppers believe they have a better deal in online. SEO for eCommerce websites relies heavily expertise. We look at architecture of your site to maximize its full potential. Ensure your potential customers find you at the optimal keyword. 

Content Marketing

SEO Consultancy

This is exactly our main business since 2009. We have national and international experiences in this field. We are very happy whenever we share our experiences and know-how. On-page optimization with off-page factors brings successful results. You have to work hard at this job. Ask a Search engine optimization question for free today. Freelance consultant at your service.

SEO Prices

We have reasonable prices than the sectoral average of Greater Manchester.


SEO Audit

Let's make a detailed analysis of your site.

  • Analysis in detail.
  • A month consulting.



Technical SEO

Fix your technical issues on your site.

  • Site-wide Search Engine Optimization.
  • Technical search engine optimization.



Growth Hacking

Let's grow your site together.

  • Search Engine Analysis + Optimization
  • Technical + Local or National SEO.


Comprehensive SEO Services

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SEO Analysis

Let's analyze all of your site pages to know, what's the issues on the site. 'What's technical issues? How can we go forward? What is the roadmap and checklist? What competitors are doing? What we can do? Let's answer all of these questions. We will analyze your site in detail. Also we offer a basic but free report.


Content Marketing

Content is only useful if it attracts customers and makes them regularly engage with your company. Good content writing can put you to higher rankings on search engines, generate permanent relationships and bring customers to your website. Without content on the Internet, Google would not exist. 

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Backlink Optimization

Organic number of backlinks are very important from Google’s eyes. There are unlimited spam backlinks on the web. These should be checked regularly. Organic, relevant and real backlink gives positive impact. There are some tools to check them and harmful ones should be blocked as well. Let's build high quality and effective backlinks.

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International SEO

Do you have a multi-language website? Google works the same everywhere. Content from you in any language, optimize them from us. We can carry out the operations of national and international search engine optimization and marketing operations. We have many successful portfolio at this point.

Web Engineering

Website Optimization

Debug your pages from coding errors. HTML+CSS optimization and validation. Code or server-side any problems can be related with number of visitors. Code optimization is highly suggested. Get better web technologies. We support your website's all layers from server to visitor.


Web Design

Web design as your businesses requirements. Fully Google compatible, industry-related design and high technology code trees. You should know that SEF ( Search engine friendly ) means to create a search engine friendly website. Think of building a website as an engine.

Do you want a free report?

You don’t need to pay for everything. Get a free report from your expert today. 

SEO Traffic

SEO Terms

SEO Expert: The person working on the SEO project of the website.
SEO Manager: The person who manages the SEO projects of the website or sites.
On-Page Seo: In-site corrections to the coding structure in general. Off-Page Seo: These are the SEO processes made within the outside.
of site.
Backlink: All of the pages that refer to your website
DoFollow: Added backlinks can be followed by Google.
NoFollow: This is the label Google needs not to follow backlinks.
Breadcrumb: Path to page marks. Users and bots on the site to avoid loss.
Title: The title of the search results and browsers of our site. Description: Meta, which contains a description of the site.
Index: Content that search engines include in search results.
White hat: Optimization with ethical and legal techniques.
Gray Hat : Neither good nor bad work done.
Black hat: I think you’re doing unethical optimization to the site. Directory: A list of websites ranked by various categories.
PPC: Pay-per-click system.
Spam: Illegal and unethical actions to deceive search engines.
Hit: The number of unique users entering the site in one day.
Organic hits: Users entering the site came from the search engines. CSS: The coding structure used when designing the site.
HTML: The language used to display websites in browsers.
W3C: W3C: World Wide Web Consortium. If the websites do not meet W3C standards, they will get incorrect website architecture.
CMS: Content management system.
Browser: The name was given to all Internet browsers.
AMP: A system that enables web pages to work faster on mobile devices.
Sandbox: Deleting your entire site from search results.
Alt tag: The tag entered for the information of images to search engines.
Heading: A tag that specifies the subject headings and subheadings.
Robots.txt: The main directory text file where we report content that we don’t want Google to crawl.
Canonical: Used to separate the URLs that make copies on the site.
Sitemap: A file that contains the URLs of all content on our site.
301: Permanently redirecting URLs on the site to other URLs.
302: Temporarily redirecting URLs on the site to other URLs.
404: Error page to which incorrect URLs are redirected.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is to adapt to the algorithms that provide ranking sites in search engine results. All search engines, especially Google, works with a lot of algorithms.  Make your website a platform where the user can find what they are looking for easily. Do not build sites built for search engines. With various analysis methods, you will be responsible for the optimization of the site. A good Expert must be master on the web technologies and trends. 

On 1998 (September 4, 1998, Menlo Park, California, USA) Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google. For searches with traditional search engines; The number of times the search terms appeared on the page was rationalized, but Google put forward two more systemic theories of analysis of inter-site relationships. This new technology was called PageRank. sites were ranked according to the interest shown.

Today, Google owns 41 of the world’s 50 largest search engines, rather than being the largest search engine in the world. It also owns 18 of the top 50 sites that receive the most visitors worldwide. For example, is the first with 1 billion 386 million unique visitors daily, is the second with 748 million unique visitors daily, is the thirteenth with 110 million unique visitors, 106 million unique traffic daily With the fourteenth, is the eighteenth website that receives the most traffic in the world with 80 million unique hits daily.

What are the Benefits of SEO?

  • Browser-compliant websites will open smoothly in all browsers.
  • Reduces page sizes and saves server and advertising costs.
  • Quick and trouble-free web sites are obtained on all devices (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop).
  • User experience is improved.
  • The number of page visits increases.
  • Your prospective customers will see your company when you search for your product and service.
  • It is the best marketing method in the digital world.
  • Customer acquisition costs decrease over time.
  • Increases customer recycling rates.
  • New target audiences are reached.
  • The audience will be aware of your site from every segment.
  • The product is sold without paying any advertising fee.
  • Switching between pages and categories is easier.
  • Social media sharing becomes more effective.
  • 7-24 monitors are available to make the site accessible at any time.
  • Using HTTPS protocol, user security is ensured.
  • Reduces your SEM (Google Ads) costs.