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Here at SEOREQ, we are proud to offer the best SEO services in Manchester. You can use our services to enhance your website’s search engine visibility. SEO is a long-term digital marketing investment and we can make the process a lot easier for your business. We are a local SEO agency based in Manchester that produces great results in search engines. ☎️ 0161 666 3653
Here at SEOREQ, we are proud to offer the best SEO services in Manchester. You can use our services to enhance your website’s search engine visibility. SEO is a long-term digital marketing investment and we can make the process a lot easier for your business. We are a local SEO agency based in Manchester that produces great results in search engines. ☎️ 0161 666 3653
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Google. We know about it. You know about it, and, most importantly, your potential customers know about it. If you want to reach the top of Google without resorting to Pay-Per-Click campaigns, it is crucial that your business has a valuable SEO campaign.

Though the basic principles of Search Engine Optimisation are always the same, we recognise that every site is unique. They will have unique strengths, unique weaknesses, unique goals, and unique challenges.

What we will do is consider every single aspect of your site, particularly the goals you wish to reach. Then, we will help you to figure out what steps you need to take to work towards them. There is no website that cannot be improved, certainly from the perspective of SEO. So, let us analyse, optimise, and supervise your site through its digital marketing journey. And, by doing so, let customers discover your business.

How can SEO help to market my business?

Remember that, Google is always changing the algorithm. There is no set path that leads to the top of the search results.

Our senior experts focus on optimisation strategies that can bring successful results to your business.

We build a thoroughly valuable and affordable strategy.

  1. Define dominant SEO strategies for your website.
  2. Custom-build projects as your website’s requirements.
  3. Diagnose and fix your technical issues.
  4. Grow your site with our respectable Search engine advertising campaigns.
  5. On-page and off-page SEO with our vast technical know-how.

Let us look at the architecture of your site and use the best practices maximising its full potential.

Schedule a meeting ☎️ 0161 666 3653.

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Technical SEO

Technical SEO

Every website will have its technical issues, so use our technical SEO services to clean up your code, increase your page speed, and, as a result, watch your website traffic thrive.

A website without a quality technical SEO strategy will negatively impact your rankings, and ultimately your profits.

We are happy to help you fix and refine your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript strategy to optimise your website to its full potential.

Take advantage of our services today to construct a high-quality, search-engine compatible, user-friendly, and technical optimised site. And, from there, watch your business, and its profits, rise.

Search Engine Marketing

Local SEO services will grow your search engine rank in your business area. Increase Google Maps ranking for location-related search terms.

What is the first thing you do when looking for a new restaurant, bar, shop, or service in your local area? For the majority of people, the answer will be to Google it.

All you need to do to bring people from their screens and towards your business is to invest in a good local strategy.

Our experts will use local SEO techniques to improve your website and map rankings for location-related search terms.

We are here to apply our vast knowledge of SEO to your site, to help your business thrive.

Local SEO

E-commerce SEO

The popularity of online shopping has soared in the past few years, so it is critical to put time and energy into a powerful e-commerce strategy. 71% of shoppers believe they can find better deals online.

If you sell your products online, you need to rank higher than your competitors. Even if you beat your competitors on the price, quality, delivery times, and customer service, if you have a low ranking website, none of that matters. Customers rarely scroll to the second page of search results so to actually sell your products, you need a high-quality e-commerce SEO strategy.

Content Marketing

SEO Consultancy

Ask a Search Engine Optimisation question for free today.

Our freelance SEO consultants are always happy to help you unlock the full potential of your website. We have national and international experience in this field and are ready to share our specialist knowledge to get your business the successful results it deserves.

Search Engine Optimisation has been our main business since 2009, and we work hard to help up-and-coming businesses with both on-page and off-page experts.

Contact our specialists now.

SEO Manchester Prices

How much does SEO prices? We have literally cheap prices. Our prices are affordable compared to the industry average in Manchester and the whole United Kingdom. Our prices are probably reasonable then agency prices. Let’s take a look at our packages.

SEO Audit

SEO Audit

One time search engine optimisation analysis

  • Analysis in detail.

£99One time

Monthly SEO Services

Monthly SEO

Analysis + Optimisation + Consultancy

  • Monthly base regular and excellent package.


Grow your business with us

Growth Hacking

Grow your site or business with this excellent service.

  • SEO + SEM together.


The key to success in SEO:

Track Your Search Rank

1. Produce An Audit.

The first step in your journey is to analyse your current content. Our experts will take an in-depth look at your site and see if there are any on-page or technical elements that you are missing, or that we can improve.


4. Hand-pick Your Keywords.

Keywords are crucial in any SEO strategy. The concept may seem simple enough at first, yet, you will be confronted with an endless amount of issues to deal with. Are your key phrases relevant enough? Too competitive?

Find Your Customers

7. Find Your Customers.

Every marketing campaign, SEO included, must be developed with an audience in mind.

Analyse Your Competitors

2. Analyse Your Competitors.

Any valuable business will have competitors, and it is nothing to be afraid of. In fact, if your competitors are successful, that only shows that your product or service is in demand. We will examine your competitors’ strategies and campaigns to see what we can do to give you the edge. If you rank higher on search results, the chances are that their prospective customers will come to you instead.


5. Build Up Your Links.

Keywords are not the only technique to help your business thrive, link building is just as important, if not more so. We will use links to heighten your page value, authority, popularity, trust, and traffic. Whether you need help adding links to your own website, choosing authoritative directories, or networking with other sites, our expert advice will keep you on track towards your goals.

Optimise Your Site

3. Optimise Your Site.

Once your keywords and link building strategies are planned and executed, we will enhance the other elements of your site for search engines. We will perfect your coding and technical SEO, make your site mobile friendly, produce user-friendly content, and address all other optimisation concerns that you have. Our ambition is to help your business be the best that it can be, so we will do all we can to meet all of your digital marketing needs.

Track Your Search Rank

6. Track Your Search Rank.

Hopefully, our strategies will have given you the edge over your competitors, and you will have crept up the search result page. However, it is not the case that once you’re there that you are there to stay. SEO is a continuous process and you need to keep on top of your site optimisation to stay on the first page of results. If your search engine ranking begins to drop, we can help you to pick yourself up again.


Contact us now.

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Search Engine Optimisation & Marketing Services in Manchester

Being full-service optimisation allows the traverse boundaries of digital marketing. If you want to get ranking on search terms or increase the visibility, you must be valuable from Google’s eyes. We act as a search engine department in your business. Let’s work on your site together. All of our operations include risk-free techniques.

We are a partner SEO agency with Google from Manchester.

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SEO Analysis

When we work with you on your site, we offer a thorough analysis of all of your web pages to bring all of your Google issues to the surface. We can then provide you with a basic, but free, report documenting the strengths and weaknesses of your website.

Together, we can answer all of your questions: what technical issues does your site have? What are your competitors doing? See the roadmap and checklist for your site. How can we go forward to make your site the best that it can be? Let's analyse all of your site pages to know what's the issues on the site.


Content Marketing

So, you have your website. Your home page is written up, your e-commerce page is optimised, and your code is running smoothly. But, to successfully market your business, you can’t stop there.

Regular, relevant, and quality content can attract new customers and encourage them to engage with your company. A well-written blog that is relevant to the products and services you provide is a fantastic method to gain higher rankings on search engines, generate strong customer relationships and bring new customers to your website. Contact our content specialists to find out more about how quality content can help your business goals.

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Backlink Optimisation

A solid link building strategy is vital for your SEO campaigns. In fact, it is arguably the most important aspect of an online marketing strategy. Organic, relevant, and real backlinks provide a huge impact towards your web traffic. Gaining links from popular, relevant, and trustworthy sites are more likely to increase your rank on search engines and to encourage potential customers to visit your site.

There are unlimited spam backlinks on the web which are harmful to your website. Let us check your backlinks regularly, and help you build high quality and effective backlinks.

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International SEO

Do you have a multi-language website? Or, do you want to target customers internationally? Building a multi-lingual or multi-regional website can be tricky, but our experts are here to help you.

Branching out your website to international audiences is a lot more than just translating the content you already have. Does your phrasing translate correctly? Does your content resonate with a different audience? Is your code translated? We can answer all these questions, and more!

Luckily, Google works the same everywhere. We can carry out the operations of national and international search engine optimisation and marketing operations. Contact us now for an example of a successful portfolio.

Web Engineering

Web Design & Optimisation

Web design as your businesses requirements. Fully Google compatible, industry-related design and high technology code trees.

You should know that SEF (Search engine Friendly) means to create a search engine friendly website. Think of building a website as an engine. Debug your pages from coding errors. HTML and CSS validation. Code or server-side any problems can be related to number of visitors. Code optimisation is highly suggested.

We can support your website's all layers from server to visitor. Fix all the technical issues. We offer optimised web design services compatible with Google.

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO is important for Google to know the websites. Google wouldn’t exist if there were no other websites. Google never see pages like us, for example, structured data are very important for Google.

Search Engine Optimisation is to adapt to the algorithms that provide ranking sites in search engine results. All search engines, especially Google, works with a lot of algorithms. Make your website a platform where the user can find what they are looking for easily. Do not build sites built for search engines. With various analysis methods, you will be responsible for the optimization of the site. A good Expert must be master on the web technologies and trends.

  1. Browser-compliant websites will open smoothly in all browsers.
  2. Reduce the page sizes and save all of the advertising costs.
  3. Quick and trouble-free websites are obtained on all devices (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop).
  4. User experience is improved.
  5. The number of page visits increases.
  6. Your prospective customers will see your company when you search for your product and service.
  7. It is the best marketing method in the digital world.
  8. Customer acquisition costs decrease over time.
  9. Increases customer recycling rates.
  10. New target audiences are reached.
  11. The audience will be aware of your site from every segment.
  12. The product is sold without paying any advertising fee.
  13. Switching between pages and categories is easier.
  14. Social media sharing becomes more effective.
  15. 7-24 monitors are available to make the site accessible at any time.
  16. Using HTTPS protocol, user security is ensured.

SEO market is huge here in Manchester and there are a lot of companies offering this service. We are one of them. SEOReq is completely eligible to manage all SEO process.

  1. Make sure that, your site is mobile friendly.
  2. Obtained websites that are free from technical SEO errors.
  3. Market research, competitor research, traffic forecast, content strategy, link acquisition,
  4. The audit is done continuously with various SEO analysis tools.
  5. Websites that open quickly and smoothly on all devices (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop) are SEO-compliant.
  6. Excellent-written, long-form content publishing and using structured data.
  7. The Page speed is a very important metric for Google.
  8. User experience must be improved.
  9. Easier to use websites should be obtained.
  10. Compliance with Google policies and algorithms.
  11. Backlink analysis, monitoring and quality backlink building.
  12. Sentences containing keywords should be established in the meta descriptions on the site.
  13. Google must be provided with rich content, Rich Snippet compliance.
  14. Content should be better introduced to search engines using structured data.
  15. Semantic SEO techniques should be applied.
  16. Every channel of organic traffic should be monitored. (Such as Yandex, Bing, Ecosia, DuckuckGO)
  17. Social media posts should be made more effectively.
  18. By using HTTPS SSL protocol, user security is provided.
  19. Malware and virus tracking should be done.
  20. The site should be protected from negative SEO attacks.
  21. 7-24 monitors must be available for the site to be accessible at any time.
  22. In-site and off-site work should be done.
  23. You need to work with natural techniques.
  24. Work with specialized agencies or experts.
  25. Daily control with major checker tools.
  26. Increase your user experience.
  27. Think long-tail search terms.
  28. Local business direction registration.
  29. You should get regular visitors and you can make this with an excellent website.